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22 Aug


Nominations are invited from member societies for candidates for election to the Council of the World Federation. The election will be held during the 1st General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday, October 15th 2019.  At this General Assembly 7 Council seats will become vacant following the retirement of those Council members who were elected in 2013. For this election only, the General Assembly will be invited to ratify a resolution to create the new position of President-Elect. If the resolution is approved, the current President will have the option to extend the period in office until 2021. The following Council members will have completed their period in office at the General Assembly; Janice Zimmerman   (USA) – subject to the resolution above
John Myburgh           (Australia)
Arzu Topeli                (Turkey)
Álvaro Rea-Néto       (Brazil)
Djillali Annane           (France)
Lluis Blanch              (Spain)
Masaji Nishimura      (Japan)

Please also note the following key points;

1. Only members of Societies who have paid their membership dues in full at the time of the submission deadline (September 2nd 2019) may nominate a candidate for election to Council. Societies must have paid their membership dues in full before they may enter as a Delegates to the General Assembly, or vote;

2. No more than one Delegate per Society may be a candidate for election to Council.  The candidate shall be nominated by his/her Society, with notification of the Chief Executive Officer not less than one month before the date of the next General Assembly. The nomination should indicate the nature of the candidate’s involvement in Intensive and Critical Care Medicine and be accompanied by a short (2 page) curriculum vitae of the candidate. The deadline for the submission of nominations will be Monday, September 2nd 2019 and nominations submitted after this date will not be accepted

3. Nominations for election to Council shall be reviewed by a Nominations Committee comprised of the President, Secretary-General, Honorary Treasurer and three members of Council. This Committee shall assess the suitability of each nominee and have the power to accept or decline a nomination for election

4. To ensure appropriate global representation, the Nominations Committee (as above) shall be responsible for ensuring that no more than 6 Council members be elected from Societies in each geographical continent of the world in the composition of all future Councils. The four geographical continents are accepted to be Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe).